Custom Jewelry

Looking for custom designed jewelry? At Ice Kings we proudly offer custom jewelry design services. Our team of skilled designers are waiting tackle your custom inquiry.

What is the custom jewelry design process?

All custom designed jewelry begins with a detailed description of your project. Be as detailed as possible about your dream piece of jewelry. Any drawings or illustrations you can provide will really help this process. 

How much does custom designed jewelry cost?

As anything custom made, the price depends on many factors including the complexity of the design, the type of precious metals used, stones, and much more. AtIce Kings we require a minimum budget of $1000 for any custom project.Email us directly with your project details at 

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How long does this process take?

Each job has its own unique timeline, with that said the average custom jewelry design can take around 90 days for design and manufacturing. We pride ourselves in creating unique pieces of jewelry for our clients.