Welcome to The Ice Kings

At Ice Kings we are dedicated to creating the most beautiful jewelry possible. We proudly work in both solid gold and silver. In addition, we also work with Natural Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, and Moissanites. We strive to work to create a quality product for wide variety of price points for our customers. We believe to have the best selection of Jesus Piece pendants in the industry. Should you have any questions, please contact us. We also do custom made designs.

About Ice Kings

Ice Kings is dedicated to creating high quality jewelry. Our motto is "Restore The Feeling". We strive to bring back iconic styles and designs back into the jewelry world, while adding our own flavor and spin to it.

We have growing library of jewelry collections available to our customers. Each collection has its own unique aesthetic. We also proudly create custom works of jewelry for our clients.

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The BK Classic Jesus Piece Collection

Our Apparel

Check out the limited run Jesus Piece Shorts. An official collaboration of Ice Kings and Different Approach.  This amazing design was inspired by our vast collection of various Jesus piece pendants. Available in sizes from Small to 2XL, these shorts will sure to make a statement this summer!

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The Canal Street Legend Jesus Piece Collection